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In 2013 following the death of my father I happened to call my parents house only to hear my fathers greeting on the message machine. Hearing his voice again was so comforting I immediately called right back to hear his voice again. In sharing this story with friends I found many had saved old voice mails of loved ones feeling the same comfort.With this premise I set out to create a way of recording messages that could be heard in the future. I took it a step further and through technology my team and I developed a platform where a user could record personal messages and upload pictures to be stored and then delivered to loved ones and friends on specified dates following their passing. We've been able to simplify this so people of any age could successfully create their personal legacy on a pc, smartphone or tablet.

Thus the birth of Family Legacy. Then in thinking, I asked myself who could possibly lose their lives sooner than normal? “First Responders and Military”, the men and women who put their lives on the line everyday to protect us. With that First Responders Legacy was created as a gift to those who courageously dedicate their lives to protect us.

Family Legacy USA is a technology company passionate about preserving the voices and messages of our loved ones while providing comfort for those left behind.