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We are a small team of individuals dedicated in preserving voices and memories for future generations. We're inspired by the stories and legacies of our members and that's our guiding light for this unique service..

About Our Team

Michael Anzalone - CEO and Founder

A serial entrepreneur, inventor, creator and visionary with a passion for making business profitable while remaining socially conscious. In all his endeavors his business associates become his family. Mr Anzalone’s experiences encompass running multi million dollar mechanical and manufacturing companies to real estate development. Family Legacy USA is the culmination of all his past experiences destined to become his personal legacy.

Mark Wood - Chief Technical Officer

Acknowledged nationally for corporate growth achievements, Mr. Wood is a value-driven professional with a 25-year track record of dynamic leadership, technology innovation and corporate growth management. He has traveled extensively during his career, founded international technology startups and worked for companies like Apple Inc. and ATT Wireless.